Buying boxes of collectable minifigs

[From the question: Where can I buy a box of collectables minifigs?]

Unless you have an account with LEGO, you are limited to how you can purchase a full, unopened box of collectables minifigs.

You have three main options.

  • Local Toy Store or Department store – If you are lucky and the store owner/manager knows you well, you may be able to purchase an unopened box from your local toy store. They may expect you to pay full retail for the box but it is becoming increasingly common for them to provide a discount for purchasing a full box.
  • Bricklink – Until recently, this was the most common way to purchase a complete box. The initial price may be below regular retail but it will increase as each series goes out of production. Particularly useful if you don’t have a local independent toy store or LEGO retailer. Some of the early series are now worth a lot of money.
  • Ebay – Much like Bricklink, the quicker you purchase the box, the better the price will be.

5 thoughts on “Buying boxes of collectable minifigs

  1. Many online retailers offer complete boxes of collectible minifigures, usually at a price below the RRP of buying 60 minifigures. This will often be cheaper than purchasing overseas from Bricklink once you factor in shipping.


    • Yes, that can indeed be the case. Of course, not all purchases from Bricklink are from overseas as some people are able to make the purchase within their own country.


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