Keeping LEGO set boxes

[From the questions: Is it worth keeping your LEGO boxes? How do I store my boxes?]

Whether or not to keep your LEGO boxes is often a hotly contested debate within the LEGO fan community.

On one side, are those who are adamant that you should keep them “just in case” you wish to sell your LEGO Bricks and sets in the future. On the other hand, are those who recommend disposing (recycling/reusing) of the boxes.

The decision is really yours to make but here are some thoughts from both sides of the argument.

Reasons to keep your LEGO set boxes

  • I might want to sell my LEGO sets in the future and they will be worth more if I can sell them with the boxes
  • I really like the artwork on the boxes
  • My parents threw away all of the boxes for my toys and I have always regretted this
  • I use the boxes to store my LEGO sets
  • I use the boxes to store things other than LEGO products
  • There are sometimes alternate model suggestions on the boxes that are not in the instructions
  • They look great displayed behind the built sets

Reasons to throw away/reuse your LEGO set boxes

  • They take up a lot of room (even if flat-packed)
  • Everyone else is keeping them so they won’t be worth as much
  • They are a fire hazard
  • They can attract rodents/insects (especially if stored in a shed or garage)
  • I can use the cardboard to create boxes for the items I sell online
  • I can use the cardboard to create boxes for which to transport MOCs

If you do choose to keep the boxes, it may be easier to flat pack them so they take up less room. Store them in a dry area off the ground as they quickly become soggy and moldy if they do get wet.

Also, it is worth noting that you may not want to bother keeping the boxes if the LEGO sets have been purchased for children. In the event that you do wish to sell the sets, there may be missing pieces, the parts may be worn or broken and the boxes may have suffered damage whilst being stored (experiences may vary).