Some hints and tips for displaying your creation at a LEGO fan event

[From the Questions: How do I make my display look impressive? What are some things I need to know about displaying?]


Here are some hints and tips for displaying & transporting your exhibits at LEGO fan events or displays:

1) Always ensure your display is labelled with an Exhibit Info Card (aka MOC Card, Info Card etc) so people know who is responsible for the build. If everyone is printing in colour, you should aim to do that too. Some events will supply a standard stand for you. For others, you will need to purchase a stand. Check with the event organisers if they haven’t already mentioned it.

2) If you have a group of collected exhibits, only use one card for the whole layout/display and not one for every single item. For example: a group of spaceships by the same person could be called “The Galactic Armada” rather than naming each ship. This request is to prevent your display looking cluttered with Exhibit Info Cards which may detract from the actual models.

3) Try not to put too much on your display. If possible, link items together in a diorama rather than it just being a display of models. Using the spaceship example again, rather than having individual spaceships, create a space base or a hanger so there is some cohesion between the models. Make sure there is plenty of space between each model. Don’t try to fill every bit of your table with lots of models. If you put too much on your display, nobody will be able to focus on the detail of each model.

4) If possible, give your display some height so it is visually appealing. This might be via a mountain side if building a landscape or via some form of small plinth or stand if displaying individual models. There are many ways this can be achieved and it will make your display stand out and draw the attention away from those that are all the same height.

5) Make sure your exhibit is clean and has most of the dust removed. People will notice the dust. A paint brush or make up brush are good dusting tools. Try to do this before you get to the venue.

6) Ensure your display looks tidy throughout the weekend. Avoid leaving coffee cups and drink cans on the table. Check your display every few hours to see if anything has fallen over or needs repairing etc. Although most patrons are usually pretty good, it is easy to bump a table and disrupt a display.

7) If you are worried about a particular minifig being on your display because it is valuable, then don’t display it.

8) Where possible, avoid placing items close to the edge of your display. If your display goes right to the edge of the table, consider requesting a second table so your display can comfortably sit on the tables without having to worry about it being bumped.

9) When transporting exhibits, make sure they are securely packed in a strong box. Custom made boxes often work best with large exhibits. We recommend the use of plastic wrap (glad wrap or specialised postal/pallet wrap) to hold the model together and bubblewrap to avoid bumps in transit. It also helps to place smaller models in individual ziplock bags. Do not trust that a model will survive in the back seat of your car or an ordinary suitcase.

10) For larger exhibits, we recommend modularising the build so it is easier to transport.

Keeping LEGO set boxes

[From the questions: Is it worth keeping your LEGO boxes? How do I store my boxes?]

Whether or not to keep your LEGO boxes is often a hotly contested debate within the LEGO fan community.

On one side, are those who are adamant that you should keep them “just in case” you wish to sell your LEGO Bricks and sets in the future. On the other hand, are those who recommend disposing (recycling/reusing) of the boxes.

The decision is really yours to make but here are some thoughts from both sides of the argument.

Reasons to keep your LEGO set boxes

  • I might want to sell my LEGO sets in the future and they will be worth more if I can sell them with the boxes
  • I really like the artwork on the boxes
  • My parents threw away all of the boxes for my toys and I have always regretted this
  • I use the boxes to store my LEGO sets
  • I use the boxes to store things other than LEGO products
  • There are sometimes alternate model suggestions on the boxes that are not in the instructions
  • They look great displayed behind the built sets

Reasons to throw away/reuse your LEGO set boxes

  • They take up a lot of room (even if flat-packed)
  • Everyone else is keeping them so they won’t be worth as much
  • They are a fire hazard
  • They can attract rodents/insects (especially if stored in a shed or garage)
  • I can use the cardboard to create boxes for the items I sell online
  • I can use the cardboard to create boxes for which to transport MOCs

If you do choose to keep the boxes, it may be easier to flat pack them so they take up less room. Store them in a dry area off the ground as they quickly become soggy and moldy if they do get wet.

Also, it is worth noting that you may not want to bother keeping the boxes if the LEGO sets have been purchased for children. In the event that you do wish to sell the sets, there may be missing pieces, the parts may be worn or broken and the boxes may have suffered damage whilst being stored (experiences may vary).