LEGO User Group meetings

[From the question: What happens at a LUG meeting?]

LUG (LEGO User Group) Meetings are different in different parts of the world. Even within the same country/state/region they can vary. There is no “typical” type of meeting.

Some things that you may expect at meetings:

  • General informal chats about LEGO and other topics. This may be about a new LEGO product or it could be about a new movie or TV series or something completely different
  • A formal section where announcements are made and there may be a discussion
  • Guest speakers or presentations
  • Sharing of building ideas and techniques
  • Trading/selling etc or LEGO sets, parts, minifigs or other items
  • Competitions (Build competitions, Tower Build, Dirty Brickster, Blind Build, Speed Build, Build in the bag etc)
  • People building a LEGO set they have bought along for that purpose (some people don’t get much time to build at home)
  • Sorting of LEGO bricks (might belong to the LUG or an individual)
  • An excursion to the local shopping centre to buy LEGO sets
  • Partsies (especially in Melbourne, Australia) or Parts Drafts
  • Brik Wars
  • Cooperative building of a model
  • Display of someone’s latest MOC

Some meetings are held in clubrooms, some are at restaurants or pubs. Others may be in private homes or rented rooms in community centres or similar buildings.

They may run all day, just for the afternoon or just in the evening. Weekends are popular for meetings but they may also be held on weeknights or whenever people are available.

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