Legoland Malaysia

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Post edited 20th July 2015

For Australians, Legoland Malaysia (LLM) is the nearest LEGO theme park. For this reason, it is an affordable and accessible alternative to travelling to Europe or the US for one of the other parks.

Getting there

There are a number of alternative ways to get to the theme park. If travelling via Malaysia, you might like to catch the train from Kuala Lumpur (KL). This takes about 5 hours and is a great journey for train enthusiasts.

If your time is more limited, you may like to consider travelling to LLM from Singapore. The journey only takes around 60-90 minutes and is fairly straightforward.

Options include hiring a car (or going with a local who has a car), catching a coach bus or hiring a limousine or private taxi.

Coach Bus

Travelling by coach bus is one of the more popular ways to get to LLM from Singapore. WTS offer a combined entry and bus ticket. Their service operates from the base of the Singapore Flyer. You can either book in advance from home or when you arrive in Singapore. They do get busy, however, so it is worth booking in advance. Try to book a ticket for the earliest departure time in order to maximize your time at the park. You will need to be at the Flyer at least 30 mins before your departure. If you are early enough, they may put you on an earlier service. Check in with the ticket office, as they will need to give you your bus and entry tickets. On the return journey, speak to the WTS operator prior to boarding the bus to ensure you are on the right one.

The disadvantage of this service is that you will need to leave the bus in order to pass through Immigration/Customs as you leave Singapore and as you enter Malaysia (same applies for the return journey). Make sure you note the bus number as you will need it for the Immigration forms and because the bus is moved between the time you get off and back on again and it is very easy to get confused.

Private taxi

This is a lovely way to travel if you a travelling with family or a group of friends. For around $200 – $240 SGD you can travel with up to 6 people and you do not need to get out of the car at the Immigration point. There will also pick you up from and drop you back at your hotel. You will, however, need to purchase tickets for LLM once you arrive at the park. One recommended operator is sgmytaxi.

Hints and tips and things to remember when visiting LLM

  • Drink lots of water and wear light clothing – it will be warm and humid
  • Pace yourself
  • LEGO prices are similar to those in Australia but you may find some unusual LLM souvenirs or small sets that are not normally available in Australia
  • Notify your bank that you will be travelling overseas. Give them a list of the countries you will visit
  • If the ATM doesn’t work inside the park, let Guest Services know so they can give you a pass out to try the ATM outside near the ticket booth. They don’t normally provide pass outs
  • Take local currency with you rather than trying to change it when you get there. Credit cards are fine to use.
  • Remember to take your passport!
  • For the full theme park experience, you might like to stay at the Legoland Hotel in Malaysia

Thanks to JL and AM from Western Australia for the notes on their recent experiences at LLM.

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