Reasons to join a local LEGO User Group (LUG)

[From the question: Why should I join a local RLUG or LUG?]

Registered (RLUGs) and non-registered LEGO User Groups (LUGs) can be found all over the world. Most countries have multiple groups and there is likely to be one in your regional area or state. This online map may help you find one near you.

Some people are happy to not interact with other LEGO Fans or prefer to do it just on an online environment (via the Official LEGO website, Facebook, online forums or email lists). Every person is different but there are many great reasons to become part of a LUG that has meet-ups and social events.

  • It’s a great way to meet people who have similar interests to you.
  • It’s a fun social event with like minded people
  • You may be able to trade with others and pick up pieces that you need to complete sets. It might save you postage if you can pick it up at a meeting
  • Seeing someone else’s MOC in person can inspire you to create something of your own.
  • Great way to increase your knowledge on a topic or to learn new skills
  • May give you the opportunity to work collaboratively on a project
  • Advance notice of upcoming LEGO Fan events and displays involving the LUGs
  • Competitions and prizes
  • (in RLUGs) participating in LUGBULK
  • (in RLUGs) opportunity to be involved in special projects organized via LEGO
  • (in RLUGs) communication channel to LEGO via your RLUG Ambassador

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