Buying LEGO bricks

[From the questions: Where can I buy Lego bricks in bulk? Where can I buy individual pieces? Where can I buy LEGO Bricks online?]

There are many different places from where you can buy individual or bulk lots of LEGO bricks.

Garage/yard sales, swap meets, flea markets, trash and treasure markets and school fetes can be good sources of assorted bulk used LEGO bricks. However, finding any LEGO bricks can be random and there is no guarantee that will be any available.

Online classifieds like Craigs list and Gumtree often feature LEGO sets and bulk lots of bricks and are worth checking on a regular basis. Note, however, if you are checking the listings, there are probably many others doing the same and you should not delay in making contact with a seller if you are interested in their goods. The competition for purchasing LEGO sets and bricks via this method can be quite fierce.

These days, there is a wealth of Buy/Swap/Trade/Sell groups/pages on Facebook. Some are specialist LEGO groups and others are for general household goods and may feature LEGO products on occasion. It’s worth doing a Facebook search to see if there are any specific groups for your location. There are often regional groups for countries, states, localities and cities – these are great if you wish to pick up in person or save some money on postage. As with the online classifieds, it is worth stating your interest in an item straightaway, as they can be very competitive. Pricing may vary and you may pick up a bargain one day and then pay top price the next. Most of these groups have an established set of online etiquette and it is recommended that you read the pinned post if there is one available.

Bulk LEGO parts and sets can also be found on eBay. As with Facebook groups, prices may vary greatly and it is not unusual to pay top price for a rare set. On the other hand, there are always stories of people “grabbing a bargain” on eBay so it is possible. Be careful of sellers that appear to be selling a large number of the same LEGO set for a good price. These are usually scams where people hand over the money for a “bargain” but never receive the goods.

One of the more popular ways to purchase individual LEGO bricks and sets is via either Bricklink or BrickOwl. Both are online marketplaces that specialize in the selling of LEGO products. Bricklink has been around for a long time and is well established within the LEGO Fan community. BrickOwl is newer but is gaining popularity due to its user friendly interface. Both sites are made up of individual stores selling just about everything and anything to do with LEGO products. Many people prefer to use Bricklink as a reference point when determining the price of a LEGO product. The site maintains details of sales over the last 6 months for both new and used product.

If you are lucky, you may have a LEGO Brand Store in your local region. These stores are fun to visit and may be the only time that you will see the majority of a current range of LEGO sets in the one place. They also sell LEGO branded products like key chains, household items, books and similar products. Individual bricks may be selected via the Pick a Brick wall which is often at the back of the store.

LEGO also operates its own online store, which features current sets. individual pieces and LEGO themed products. The store is known as “Shop at Home” or “S@H” within the LEGO fan community. Sometimes, this may be the only way to purchase a larger set or specialized item if you do not have a Lego Brand Store in your region. You can also purchase individual bricks from their online version of the Pick a Brick wall. It is recommended to check here before purchasing from Bricklink as the prices can be quite competitive.

If you are specifically after bulk bricks at a good price, you might like to consider joining a local RLUG (Registered LEGO User Group). These are groups of enthusiasts located all around the world who have registered their group with LEGO and can therefore participate in a number of programs operated via the CEE Team at LEGO. One of the more popular programs is LUGBULK where LUGs are able to order and purchase LEGO bricks in bulk for specific building purposes. There are restrictions as to who may participate, what can be purchased and what you can do with the bricks. Contact your local RLUG for further information.