LEGO themed magazines

[From the question: Are there any LEGO Magazines available?]

Here are the details of the LEGO themed magazines that are currently available.


The LEGO Club magazine is an official publication produced by the LEGO Group. There are multiple variants of this magazine available around the world. There are regional versions as well as versions for girls and younger children. In most countries, it can be ordered via the website at no cost. For those in the Australia and New Zealand there is an initial cost of $19.95 AUD, which covers you for all future issues – so long as you remember to renew it when required. Subscription forms can often be found in toy departments of major retailers, in toy stores or from the special LEGO Club Australia website. You can also subscribe via the isubscribe magazine subscription service. LEGO Australia regularly provides free subscriptions at special promotional events or as competition prizes. The main magazine is published quarterly.

There is also a range of magazines available in digital format via the LEGO website.

BJ banner.logo

Brick Journal was the first major independent LEGO fan magazine. It started as a digital only publication in 2005 and became available in both print and digital formats in 2007. Editor, Joe Meno, describes it as “ ultimate resource for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. It spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community, showcasing events, people, and models in every issue, with contributions and how-to articles by top builders worldwide, new product intros, and more”. The magazine now has an Italian version and there are plans for expansion into other markets in the near future.  Brick Journal is available bi-monthly.


Blocks magazine first appeared in late 2014 and quickly gained a popular following amongst LEGO fans and the wider community. This is in part due to its availability in local newsagents as well as via a subscription. It can be purchased either as a print or digital subscription. It describes itself as “as celebration of everything LEGO. Aimed at enthusiasts young and old it is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of plastic bricks”. Blocks magazine is published monthly.

brickslogo      bricksculturelogo

Bricks and it’s sister publication, Bricks Culture, are the newest of the LEGO themed publications. Bricks enables one to “Immerse yourself in the world of LEGO fandom” and Bricks Culture focuses on “Recognising and celebrating the culture of LEGO and its place in the world”. Both magazines cover sets, themes, building, events and people. Bricks concentrates more on LEGO news with a strong focus on collecting and building whereas Bricks Culture is “artier” with a stronger focus on people and their stories. Bricks will be published monthly from August 2015 and Bricks Culture will be available quarterly. Print and digital subscriptions are available from their website.

Logo Hispabrick Magazine logo

Starting in 2008, HispaBrick magazine was originally established as a means of sharing and retaining the works of Spanish AFOLs. The publication was originally available only in Spanish but, due to interest from other countries, the magazine became available in both English and Spanish from issue 3. It covers all aspects of the LEGO hobby including reviews, AFOLs, clubs, LEGO employees, events, and special uses of LEGO Bricks. There is a special emphasis on Mindstorms and Technic. HispaBrick magazine is published every four months and is available as a free digital download from their website.


RailBricks is a specialist magazine that caters for the LEGO Train enthusiast. The magazine commenced in 2007 and is published irregularly.  Although there hasn’t been an issue since mid-2014, there are plans to revitalise the magazine in the near future. Past issues are available as a free digital download or as a print edition from their website.

Other magazines

Also available to a limited market of the UK and Ireland are magazines for kids on the themes of Ninjago, Chima and Friends. These began publication in 2014 and may feature a “free gift” with each issue. Recently, a Star Wars themed magazine with a “free gift” has become available in Europe.

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